Getting started on tribe rituals

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Hi Tribe babes,

In these next 3 blog posts we want to dive a bit deeper in the three themes of this blog: tribe rituals, nature and self care so you know what you can expect to find here.

First up is: TRIBE RITUALS

All around the world cultures have their own rituals and here in the western world we have so little of them. While having your own (little) tribe rituals have so much to give you: connection, strength & faith.

On this blog we will get into different aspects of rituals, like smudging (cleansing from negativity) your house and body, altar building and a more shamanic approach to rituals. Also we will give you some ideas to create your own rituals for your own tribe (aka family).

We would also love to hear about the tribe rituals you create so join our tribe and spread your knowledge ! Leave you comments below.

No judgement here, only open hearts and minds.



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